Monthly Archive: February 2004


Unwire your boat with Bluetooth

ShipModul Marine Electronics has come out with a new product, a Bluetooth enabled NMEA multiplexer, that facilitates wireless communication between your PC and marine instruments like a GPS, wind & depth meters or compass....


Go With the Flow & Thar She Blips

Wired reviews three portable generators and lists Yamaha’s EF1000iS as a best buy at $799, altough the Honda EU2000i pumps out 2 kilowatts for up to 15 hours per 1.1-gallon tank of unleaded, making...


The Great Robot Race

A while ago, DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), set up the Grand Challenge, a driverless robot race from LA to Las Vegas. Ever since there has been a lot of press coverage on...


Air-conditioning on board

Over at Nautical Web, a do-it-yourself-guide for the installation of an air-conditioning system. Even if you do not plan to do it yourself, this article can be very interesting since it offers good background...


Deserting the Corner Office

Straightforward column in Yachting that discusses the different options for connecting your boat to the internet. As we know, different options are available depending on your specific requirements. Expect more developments in the near...


Networked electronics packages

Networked systems, allowing you to have integrated access to all relevant data on one display, are all the rage these days. Over at they have a review of two high-end systems: Furuno vs....

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