Monthly Archive: March 2004


Waterproof Wrap-Radio

Arriva’s Wrap-Radio looks a bit weird, but I guess it’s a better, and more waterproof, solution than the CapRadio I wrote about before. “No exposed wires increase durability. Flexibility allows for abusive use and...


Multipurpose GPS Unit

If you would like to use your GPS unit when sailing, driving, but also when flying, have a look at Garmin’s new multipurpose model. “Garmin realizes that pilots are also motorists and many are...


And This Is Why We Need Rugged PCs

Cheyenne’s record attempt is nearing a successful end, but this quote from one of the crew shows us why it is important to have the right equipment. “For now the rain pours down, and...


Marine Satellite Radio

If real offshore sailing is not your thing, than satellite radio should be a consideration for on-board entertainment. Prospec has introduced a new Sirius-ready radio. “Extending the range of its receivers, Prospec Electronics will...


Red Wine And Solar Cells

I have discussed the increasing efficiency of solar cells before, but here is great way to deal with the negative effects of bad spots. Just make sure you don’t use your most expensive bottle…...


Hardened Laptops

Although there has been a lot of writing around Panasonics’ Toughbook, there is another big player, Itronix, when it comes to deploying ‘ruggedized’ notebooks in the difficult military environment. It is also preferred choice...


Diving Without (Many) Hassles

For those of who love diving, but don’t like all the hassle that usually comes with it, take a look at SurfaceDive’s 12volt diving system. Also saves a lot of space on smaller boats,...


Solar Powered Notebook

While I was researching solar energy for use in a maritime environment I came across a product that has been around for a while, but that keeps improving since the efficiency of solar cells...

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