Monthly Archive: May 2004


Simplified Battery Maintenance

Somehow batteries are often located in difficult spots. But keeping them in good shape is very essential, even if you have only a small percentage of the gadgets that are mentioned on this website…....


Clean Sweep

Looking for some fresh air while boating…? Check out Dirt Devil�s CV950 central vacuum cleaning system… “Dirt Devil�s CV950 central vacuum cleaning system has the power to rid your boat of germs and mildew,...


Installing A GPS Chartplotter

Boating World’s Chris Caswell has written a short how-to on installing a GPS Chartplotter. He uses Magellan�s FX324 Map GPS Color Plotter as an example. “Today, however, navigational accuracy with a GPS/chartplotter combo is...


What’s On Board: Tiara

A private sailing yacht with a seven-seat helicopter and an aviation communications systems. How about that…? “After completing sea-trials in Auckland in April and May, the 54m (178ft) Dubois-designed sloop Tiara landed an EC...


Ligtning Strikes

I’ve written before about ways to prevent serious damage being done to your on-board electronics as a result of a lightning strike. Here is an article that makes some interesting statements about the way...


GPS Accuracy Through WAAS And EGNOS

Although Americans have enjoyed the advantages of a differential GPS (DGPS) system to improve accuracy of GOS fixes, Europeans and Japanese will soon have their own methods. And the good news is that there...


A Sure Sound And Waterproof TV

Lots of ‘boat entertainment’ related news this week. In this month’s Boating World Gearlocker you can find the new SeaWorthy SEA2211B/W mid-tweeter highlighted. And what about this waterproof wireless TV from Casio found over...

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