Monthly Archive: February 2006


In Miami, with Fish’n’Chip

There are two aspects of the above screen shot that you have probably never seen before. One is the chart itself, which is meant for fishing, not navigation; hence no shore detail or nav aids, but...


Kerala four logger, not even a nail!

Here’s some “what’s on board” perspective: this ‘boat’, technically a raft, is made of just four logs lashed together each day that it’s used. As you fish, the logs soak up water and the ‘boat’ loses freeboard, so...


Remote bottom mapping, who but Lowrance?

Here’s an interesting question: “I am looking for a combo GPS/Sounder for my dinghy, which will record depth data along the GPS track (so we can go out, find the channel, and then bring the...


AIS, this ‘n’ that #2

* Rich Ray sent in a very interesting article at Lectronic Latitude which suggests that Class B AIS transponders will be made mandatory for recreational boats over 34’. I am quite dubious about this, though the...


Miami Boat Show, back in one piece but busy

“Will report on the Boat Show this week as possible.” Yeah, right! Seems like I regularly think I can accomplish more than I can actually accomplish. I even planned to work on several articles—all due very soon, if...


Charting, this ‘n’ that #2

* Happy to report that—torn into pretty fiercely here last month—really has cleaned up its act, and is now an informative Web site and a useful service. * I’m told that Lowrance does acknowledge that certain...


Capn Voyager, playing AIS chicken over IP

That yellow vessel with the bold range rings is Capt. me off Boston a couple of days ago, or at least a simulated Capt. me. But the AIS targets were real! That’s because at least this beta version...

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