Assistive Technology in Sailing

In an article discussing assistive technologies in sailing I came across YachtAware, a company which creates integrative technology that connects navigational instruments to a main computer. In this case it helped disabled people compete in the Transpac, but it could be a good solution for many.
“YachtAware installed one of its systems on the B’Quest. It placed sensors all over the 40-foot yacht: including the sails, the hull, water tanks, and the engines. The sensors are hooked up to the main computer that provides instant information and makes recommendations on a course of action. The sensors also sound an alarm when someone goes beyond the railing, possibly falling overboard. “It even translates Morse code, which I don’t know,” Miyares said. “It’s important to communicate to other ships during emergencies.” Also, if the boat breaks away from its anchor the YachtAware system calls the skipper’s cell phone to relay what happened.”

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