AutoPilot+, DARPA’s next Grand Challenge?

A company called Marine Robotic Vessels (MRV) International has developed the Ghost Guard. This brilliantly named vessel (an Unmanned Surface Vessel or USV) uses some technologies that will hopefully be available to all of us very soon. It will give ‘push-button sailing’ a whole different meaning…
So what’s next? The boating equivalent of DARPA’s Grand Challenge for autonomous ground vehicles?
“Almost any hull can be configured by MRVI as a Ghost Guard´┐Ż to function as an affordable method of mounting water-borne surveillance in all weathers and by day and night. The heart of the Ghost Guard system is MRVI’s new generation software, which comprises remote command and control, navigation, route planning/re-planning, event and crisis management, full onboard diagnostics and dial-up diagnostics. COTS-sourced integrated systems, including camera and vision systems, will provide surveillance that could not be mounted in any other way. Using a launch and recovery system, Ghost Guard can be deployed, operated and recovered from vessels underway.” Click here to download the Ghost Guard video (62MB, .avi).

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