Complete The Navigational Picture

Yachting World’s May issue reviews an electronic chart system, LookSea, that uses a 360-degree “pan-and-tilt” video camera and 3D interface to make navigating more easy and safe. Through the advanced technology of augmented reality, LookSea enhances your electronic navigational picture with continuous, real-time views of the surrounding ocean. LookSea happens to be a sort of spin-off from DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), where the owners of the company behind LookSea used to do research into augmented reality. And funny enough, the system was even tested on the predecessor of the U.S. Navy’s High Speed Vessel (HSV) SWIFT which I wrote about yesterday.
For more reviews of this interesting system you can visit Klein Associates. At the bottom of the page you will find some relevant links.
“LookSea Pro is the most advanced electronic chart system available and can also provide a focal point for your integrated bridge system. The LookSea system takes video data from an exterior camera, converts electronic chart data into computer generated, 3D graphics and synchronizes those images with GPS and heading data to create an augmented view of your situation on a video monitor.”

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