CruzPro, the big little company you never heard of


You have seen their technology embedded in other guys’ products for years. This New Zealand company produces a wide range of sensors and instruments for your boat. They make great aftermarket installations for boats that were not originally equipped with the sensor you want. Their products range from tank levels, RPM, pressure, etc. The thing that caught my eye was how many devices they offer, all packaged in nice, common format displays. Check them out at — Jeff Hummel

Note that CruzPro has also developed a black box fishfinder for PCs, and NMEA 0183 ‘Active’ transducers, similar to Airmar ‘Smarts’.

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Ben Ellison

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  1. Steve Dubnoff says:

    I have been pleased with every piece of Cruzpro equipment I have purchased. You even get first rate, personalized, tech support from the designer.
    For good prices on this stuff, check out

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