Gadget Junkie’s Discovery

A BoatOhio reader (Don Hagan) recently discovered that the answer to boating problems is not always found in electronics…
“OK, I admit it…. I am a gadget junkie. I purchase Palm Pilots, a new cell phone each year, laptops, stereos, digital cameras, watches… anything new and improved. When I bought my Siren 17 sailboat, I had a new and wonderful reason to purchase gadgets. Stereo system, trolling motor, electrical panel; the one item I really wanted was a knotmeter, so that I can tell how good (or lousy) a sailor I am becoming. A search of the available products left me confused and concerned. Most of the electronic knotmeters required “through-the hull” transducers. To me, this meant a hole in the hull, and a possible leak! What’s a gadget guy to do?”

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