Heaven Sent: Sirius, Clarion & Shakespeare

Talking about believers
“To get the commercial-free ear candy, you need a Sirius receiver and antenna. I opted for the Clarion DSH920S Tuner ($160) and the 1 1/3″-by-3 1/2″ Shakespeare Galaxy SRA-30 antenna ($140). The final piece of the Clarion/Sirius system was a pair of 6.5” Clarion CM1622 marine coaxial speakers ($160/each). Then there’s a $13-per-month subscription fee � a promotional $500 lifetime fee ends August 31�and a one-time activation fee of $15 ($5 online). Is it worth the price? Silly question. While testing the watertight, sealed-circuit XMD3 with an LCD display, I discovered the Sirius programming to be so diverse and comprehensive that for the first month I didn�t touch the CD player or AM/FM radio. (Sirius at Amazon.com)

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