Least Cost Routing

Came across SeaWave’s Integrator 3.0 solution in combination with Inmarsat’s Fleet 55. What I really like about this solution is that it provides ‘least-cost routing’ for all your voice and data traffic, depending on your location and availability of different (satellite) communication networks. Such a system can be created by anyone with enough expertise, but this one works out of the box. It does have some proprietary elements in it however, which makes the system somewhat inflexible.
“The Satcom Fleet 55 communications system automatically provides optimum performance at a minimum cost, without the need for a professional communications specialist. Those who enjoy the complicated process of managing communications may at first miss the romance of being the ‘Sparks’ on their yachts, but I suspect that romance will fade. After all, it’s tough to beat the convenience of contacting anyone, virtually anywhere, at any time.”

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