MAATS Impressions By YBW

Yachting and Boating World (YBW) comes away moderately impressed from MAATS (Marine Aftermarket Accessories Trade Show) and in their newsletter they mention some of the highlights. Besides the one I liked best, EchoPilot’s CASS (Collision Avoidance Sonar System), they have some other tips as well.
“For example no less than three stands were devoted to devices to keep birds off boats � everything from whirly solar-powered helicopter-like blades to moving owls to clip on trip lines for boat rails. Hmmm. Items more effective at catching my eye included a neat car-toppable pontoon you can rig out on a lake or riverside using screw-in oil-rig style legs, a new waterproof switch panel from BlueSea with great design detail and fuse-blown indicators, and very nicely engineered polypropylene-moulded dinghies with modular RIB collar and sailing rig options from Walker Bay.”

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