MAATS Innovation Awards For EchoPilot And Vexilar

The Marine Aftermarket Accessories Trade Show was held last week in Las Vegas. Two interesting marine electronics won a Marine Manufacturers Association Innovation Award during that event.
EchoPilot‘s CASS (Collision Avoidance Sonar System) is a wideband active surf zone sonar based on military research that can see floating and semi-submerged objects up to 1,200 yards ahead of the boat in real time. The system transmits using multi-frequency (a “swept chirp” of 20 -80 KHz), which ensures greater performance in rough waters, according to NMMA.”
“Equally impressing to the judges in the Aftermarket Electronics category was Vexilar�s AlumaDucer, the only transducer designed to transmit through aluminum with zero signal loss. Built like other transducers, it is designed to automatically compensate for the loss of signal strength when mounting a transducer on an aluminum hull, the association reported.”

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