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1100 nits on smartp...

1100 nits on smartphones, Now We are Talking!  


Dan Corcoran
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14/03/2019 7:02 pm  

The Samsung S10 has 1100 nits, the S10 Plus 1200 nits

With these many nits (a measure of screen brightness) we should be able to view our smartphones handily in a boat cockpit on a sunny day.

Contrast that to 410 nits on a Google 3XL, which falls very far short of the 800 nits available on most MFD's, and its easy to see the S10 has taken a big leap in being usable by folks outdoors.

Still no substitute for a waterproof MFD mounted at the helm powered by a boat battery, but at least smartphones are approaching the point of being useful in a boat helm.



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