Navman Tracker 5600 Vs. Si-Tex ColorMax 6

Powerboat Reports has a one-on-one review of Si-Tex’s ColorMax 6 and Navman’s Tracker 5600. A very superficial conlusion in the online introduction, you will have to subscribe in order to read the full text or buy this specific article.

Navman Tracker 5600 at
Si-Tex ColorMax 6 at

“The Si-Tex ColorMax 6 (left) and Navman Tracker 5600 (right) are faced into strong sunlight here. From both head-on, and at angles from the side, the Si-Tex screen is significantly brighter. The Navman, however, is not advertised as a direct-sunlight machine, and we found its controls a bit simpler to use.”

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