ODMs In The Marine Electronics Industry

Nice article on Original Design Manufacturers (different from OEMs) in the consumer electronics industry. How long before we will see major effects on marine electronics industry? I think most GPS devices are already being made in Taiwan, but further standardization of formats, protocols, etc. would certainly help to extend this developments to other product segments. In the end it could mean lower prices and more focused innovation, always nice benefits…
“ODM stands for Original Design Manufacturer, and I can guarantee you’ll be hearing these initials a lot more in the coming months and years. ODMs are companies in Asia, almost all of them in Taiwan, capable of creating sophisticated electronics — MP3 players, notebook computers, DVD players, personal digital assistants, LCD TVs and more — for the big companies whose brand names are familiar to U.S. consumers. The big-name companies get products at very low prices with little upfront investment.”

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