Power Management In The Volvo Ocean Race

With seven cameras and lots of wireless communication of video on board you can imagine that crew members in the Volvo Ocean Race are complaining about the energy it costs to power (and use) all of this. So now a company called Livewire claims to have found a solution for the 2005-2006 event, but unfortunately they do not explain how this works. So if anyone knows, drop me a line
“But Livewire’s communications exprts have now come up with a much more energy-efficient way of keeping the cameras rolling and have made power management an essential design element for the media centres on the Volvo 70 class yachts. The new design allows the media centre to be run at twenty times less power than in previous races. Wood comments: “Hopefully this will convince the teams that it is quite safe to leave the media centre on in this mode at all times.”

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