PowerSign from Paneltronics, a winner but?

IBEX, a great show I’m missing (it’s OK), announced its innovation awards today. One winner is Paneltronics’ PowerSign, which is:

 “a multiplexed system for intelligent power distribution and management for any vessel using DC loads — meaning you can control and monitor all onboard electrical systems from one location, even remotely. The system comprises four main units: switches; power distribution units; graphical user interfaces; and communications cables.”

Sounds good but will it also handleTorqeedo travel elec motor AC eventually, or offer a NMEA 2000 interface, like OctoPlex? And how does it compare to DNA’s digital switching system, which just got a NMEA 2000 gateway. No answers yet at Paneltronics’ Web site

Another interesting winner is Torqeedo’s folding electric outboard, which looks like it might be terrific for a cruising boat’s tender, though pricey I fear (made in Germany in small quantities). Meanwhile, here are the nominees for the METS DAME award this year; I look forward to seeing all the products, and who wins.

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