Rugged Hardware With A Navy Touch

Through Naval Technology I found some interesting rugged hardware. Some of the highlights:
This one looks like it could have been a good case modding project from a navy adept. But the specs will show that, if you require a PC on board, this one is built for it. It can be shock mounted and is sort of mobile as well…
Israeli BES System’s “RCS-PC, and Mini RCS-PCs are rugged PC compatible computers specially designed and qualified for use in harsh Naval, Airborne and Ground mobile military environment. RCS-PC is built for full size ISA and/or PCI cards.”
Miltope’s Centrino laptop doesn’t require a laptop bag, for that reason alone I’ve listed it here. Although not submersible like Itronix GoBook MAX, it’s easy to carry around and definitely looks tough.
“The Miltope TSC-750M, featuring the new Intel� CentrinoTM Mobile Technology is the most versatile and compact rugged-militarized laptop computer available today. Designed and manufactured in the USA, the TSC-750M has been successfully qualified to MIL-STD-810/461/464. The TSC-750M also delivers the fastest-yet 3D video thanks to its ATI MOBILITYTM RADEONTM 9000 graphics accelerator � dramatically enhancing all aspects of the visual experience in every application.”

My personal favorite is the GDC4S Mission Data Tool (MDT). It is a ruggedized PDA with a 400MHz Xscale Processor, BlueTooth, GPS and embedded radio interface. But the MDT’s looks and form factor somehow really caught me.
“Mission Data Tool (MDT) – The Mission Data Tool (MDT), the latest product in the CHS-2 arsenal of rugged computing devices. The MDT is a ruggedized PDA that hosts Pocket PC 2002 as an operating system. Additionally, it can support a customer-ported LINUX environment. The MDT has been engineered to survive the rigors of the tactical battlefield, and has incorporated extensive soldier feedback into its design. The resulting product is a computing device that will be readily accepted by the deployed warfighter and homeland defenders.”

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