SafeLife EPIRB/PLB testing beta test, why not?


When I wrote about SafeLife in January, I didn’t realize that this full-on through-satellite EPIRB and PLB testing service wasn’t quite ready to go.  In fact, it’s not trivial to put together the system of ground stations, software, and Web site able to actually capture the test signals many EPIRBs and PLBs can send out, reference them to the owner registration details, and report it all back to you.  But the good news is that SafeLife is now looking for 100 beta testers, and they want a lot more volunteers so they can select a good cross section of brands and locations around the continental USA. And if qualify but don’t get chosen, you’ll still get a 30% discount on the service once it actually opens for business, if you’re still interested. What’s to lose, besides a little time registering?  One caveat: the hot new FastFind PLBs, now FCC approved, can not be used for through-satellite testing (because their coiled antennas have to be repacked at a service center, I think).  Doug Ritter, per usual, has the whole story.  

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Ben Ellison

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  1. Joe Ferrara says:

    I got my login and password for the beta test yesterday and went down to the boat to see how it worked.
    Bottom line is that when I ran the self test (three times), I got acknowledgements for each of the three tests via email. Had I set up for SMS text notifications prior to going to the boat, I’d bet they would’ve worked also. I’ll check that feature this weekend.

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