SeaWave’s NavSeries

I’ve talked about SeaWave’s Integrator 3.0 least-cost routing solutions back in March. They have launched a new product, the NavSeries. It looks less complete and flexible compared to the Integrator 3.0, but I’m sure there will be a price advantage in return…
“SeaWave has announced the launch of the SeaWave NavSeries. The NavSeries is a cost effective voice and data communications system with built in satellite, cellular and GPS modems that ensure reliable and economical voice and data communications all for $3,199. The NavSeries harnesses SeaWave’s proprietary Throughput Technology Software (TTS) to enhance transmission speeds and make communications a more land-like experience. The NavSeries utilizes the global satellite service of Iridium and combines it with the economical coastal coverage of cellular (GSM). As a vessel moves out of inexpensive cellular range the NavSeries will seamlessly continue data transmission over satellite. This provides piece of mind knowing that your email has reached its destination.”

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