Seeing Everything Stable, Day or Night

I was reading about Geronimo’s advances into the Roaring Forties in their attempt to break a record and win the Jules Verne Trophy 2004. The article mentioned that Geronimo could not go any further south because of reports of large icebergs, although they had sophisticated (Fujinon military) nightvision equipment on board. When I started looking into that, I found out that there’s some pretty amazing gear for sale these days. For instance, have a look at the Fujinon Stabiscope Nightvision 3rd Generation. At a price of $16,750 it’s not exactly cheap, but what you get is the best there is. And if that’s too high a price for you, have a look at Amazon’s Fujinon collection. These ‘cheaper’ binoculars incorporate some of the high-end technologies available in the high-end models.
“Fujinon Day & Night Stabiscope makes it possible to observe in the dark, from a moving car, a boat on heavy seas, or from an airborne helicopter. The image-stabilizing gyro system is incorporated in the binocular to get a steady image while observing from a vibrating platform. The image intensifier tube electronically amplifies very slight light 20,000-30,000 times so that you can see objects at night, too. It’s compact, lightweight and waterproof.”

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