Ship Gateway

If your communications, networking and securtity needs are extensive you’d might consider Virtek’s CommBox. It combines a router, email server, least cost route switch, and lot’s of other features in one box. Altough developed with large vessel requirements in mind, increasingly private yachts will be equiped with these types of solutions as well.
“CommBox is designed not only for today’s data communication requirements, but also with the future in mind. Anything that can communicate through the Internet can communicate through CommBox. CommBox supports all standard mail clients. It can run as a stand-alone e-mail server or as a mail relay server to enhance the performance of existing mail systems. CommBox utilizes dedicated black box technology for superior stability compared to software solutions. Configuration is easy as any user with privileges can control CommBox from any computer in the network with a web browser. CommBox supports all dial-up connections, MPDS and leased line.”

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