Si-Tex eLoran, belt & suspenders GPS

Si-Tex_e-LoranI like this: GPS backed up—plus made more accurate, even able to deliver better than 1° heading accuracy at rest—with LORAN! And this is LORAN without the fiddly complexity of compensating for “Additional Secondary Factors” in coastal waters or switching ‘Chains’ on long voyages. Si-Tex’s eLoran is not quite shipping yet, but I’ll bet it will get loads of attention (Chuck Husick already has this to say). In fact, we’ve all gotten so dependent on GPS that it’s a little scary. I wrote about its vulnerability, and the possible resurgence of LORAN as a complimentary system back in 2002, and have since noted the government’s funding of LORAN base station improvements. It’s great to see belt & suspenders electronic positioning come to recreational boating, not to mention the non magnetic heading sensor capability. Actually, eLoran is one result of a military research contract executed by Si-Tex’s mother company, Koden. Note that this initial product will only work with certain Si-Tex plotters and PC software at first, but other manufacturers will be free to add compatability. I’ve also been told that eLoran will cost about $1,000, and I plan to try one out when available.

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Ben Ellison

Ben Ellison

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2 Responses

  1. Steve Walsh says:

    As an EX-USCG veteran we used Loran A and found it almost useless enroute to Vietnam. Our star search and Sunlines were the only way to find our way around the world. Atmospheric conditions and storm fronts set us many times into DR mode with regards to Loran-A, Sat-Nav, Omega and Loran-C. Electronic equipment is just an aid to navigation proving a penciled in chart fix every hour with Dead Reckoning as its backup is the only natural way to get home when Murphy takes over.

  2. rick pino says:

    I purchased one of these Sitex E-Loran units to find old fishing spots. The loran does not work accurately and the GoTO waypoint does not take you to the actual loran TD. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS UNIT. Sitex has a software problem with this unit and cannot fix it. They will not accept returns, so your stuck with Junk!~
    Sitex admited to me they test their marine units in a car. Sorry company!

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