Siren Marine: Introducing the Connected Boat Platform

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  1. Ben Ellison Ben Ellison says:

    I know that this announcement is aimed at boatbuilders, but it speaks to two important trends. One — as I mentioned my personal monitoring saga today ( ) — I think we’ll see more and more monitoring built into new boats.

    Two, as electronics integrate tightly into new boats, the familiar brand names will submerge to some extent. I like the way Siren’s form of “white labeling” where the builder gets the dominant icon branding but interested customers will still know it’s a Siren system at work.

    But it won’t always work like that. In fact, perhaps the most innovative electronics in Miami will be introduced by boatbuilders and they aren’t necessarily motivated to make a big deal about it because one of the main concepts is that the electronics are simply there, part of the whole boat. But Ben Stein is on the case!

  2. James Hunt says:

    Hi Ben, Do you have any more information regarding NMEA 2000 & Czone integration with the Siren MTC? Do you think this will be an update to the current hardware or a new device?

    • Ben Ellison Ben Ellison says:

      Hi James, I did see the CZone integration briefly demoed at the NMEA Conference along with a prototype N2K update to the existing MTC, but it doesn’t seem to official yet — at least, not on Siren’s website — and there may be a new version of the MTC coming out instead. Sorry to be vague but I returned my test MTC last fall and was not at the Miami Show.

      My experience with that MTC was quite good all the way from Rockland to New Bern, NC and back. But the cell connection doesn’t work here in Camden (8 miles north of Rockland) due to a very unusual service provider situation. I also saw impressive results from several of the Siren wireless sensors but apparently there have been some problems in certain situations and it looks like they are currently off the market.

      • James Hunt says:

        Ben, Thanks for the reply. I currently have the MTC installed and find it a very useful and its great at putting the mind at ease, knowing that shore power is connected etc etc.
        I suppose we’ll just have to wait and see what this N2K & CZone is all about. Cheers.James

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