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Solar Powered Notebook

While I was researching solar energy for use in a maritime environment I came across a product that has been around for a while, but that keeps improving since the efficiency of solar cells is increasing. It won’t be hard to think of some inspirational use cases for this solution… By the way, I will have a more detailed overview on solar solutions later this week.
“If you’re interested in getting more runtime from your laptop when you’re away from the power lines, our Notepower portable solar module is just what you need. A pair of 10 watt PV modules provides enough power to run and/or charge most laptop computers. Anywhere you go, just unfold the solar array, put it in the sunshine, plug in the Smart Adapter or your own 12 volt DC lighter adapter and you’re set. A 10 foot cord allows you to be in the shade (like under a tree at the beach) while the solar module is in the sun.”

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