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TDS Recon’s Ruggedized Pocket PC

At $2,200 definitely not the cheapest, but surely one of the most ruggedized Pocket PC’s. But as far as I can see it’s lacking any wireless connectivity, making it a bit useless for maritime purposes. Although you could use its two CompactFlash slots, protected from rain, wind and dust by the The standard CF-CapTM O-ring sea, to add Bluetooth or Wi-Fi cards.
“The TDS Recon is a ruggedized Pocket PC that can withstand drops, extreme temperature change, high altitude (outside of a plane, even), and immersion in water. Trusted Reviews smacked one of the rubber-clad PDAs around but couldn’t get the little bastard to die, even after dropping it and dunking it in a sink of dishwater (as seen in the dramatic animated GIFs). A little part of me was disappointed that it didn’t break; It pleases me to think of handing back a $2,200 review unit in pieces, with a shrug.”

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