VDO launches ‘four in one’ navigation instrument

A new all-in-one analog/digital display from VDO which can be can be perfectly matched to any cockpit � ranging from sporty powerboats and the stylish old-timer to the luxury yacht. It is available with different dial variants and front rings, which means that there is a total of over 30 design variants to choose from.
“This leaves the limited amount of space available at the helm station free for further information, displays and additional systems,” said VDO, noting that the new VDO Ocean Line Combi “is the only device available on the market to recognise information from NMEA and VDO sensors without the need for additional adapters.” The new Combi instrument combines four devices that previously had to be mounted separately and groups them together in an integrated 85mm casing. “From this, in addition to the water depth, the skipper can also read off the most important navigational data,” said the company.”

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