West Marine Expo, ACR LED Searchlight, Scanstrut USB, Navico Compass & Triton Gills

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  1. Dan Corcoran (b393capt) says:

    Another great read. You are on a roll! Great find if the Triton is real, but it does seem like fantasy. I have no experience in the area of getting O2 from water, but in some other aspects like the storage of gas, I feel like this product can be written off as a joke. The idea that a battery operated micro compressor can make any contribution to breathing under water is preposterous. The power requirements for compressors are huge, and micro compressors have such tiny nubs for air to pass through, the volume of air processed would be infinitesimal compared to what we need to breath each minute while swimming.

  2. Evan says:

    Here’s a few back-of-the-envelope calcs that cast doubt on the ability of that rebreather to actually work.
    An adult at rest requires 23 liters of oxygen per hour. This translates to about half a gram of O2 every minute.
    The concentration of dissolved oxygen in seawater at 15 degrees C and 15 feet depth is 16 mg/liter. This means that the rebreather needs to extract 100% of the oxygen from 32 liters of seawater every minute! That would mean moving water at twice the maximum speed of my boat’s fresh water pump.
    I haven’t even considered the additional O2 requirements of a person swimming in water, much less the added complexity of diluting pure O2 down to a breathable level.

  3. Adam Hyde says:

    The money keeps pouring in for the Triton though… I’ve probed a bit deeper at http://www.signalkool.com – enjoy.

  4. txt29 says:

    More details about the blatantly fraudulent scam of Triton Gills can be found at Indiegogo: http://igg.me/at/triton-scam

  5. Adam Hyde says:

    Thanks txt29. I have added a warning P.S. to the original post.

  6. Ben Ellison Ben Ellison says:

    Good grief, Triton “gills” certainly is looking like a scam the more I read. Thanks to Dan and Evan for their initial skepticism, Adam for putting “Fantasy” in his title, and especially txt19, who may well be the creator of the Indiegogo Triton Scam campaign. Crowdsourcing is definitely the defensive line here, not us media wretches 😉
    What I’m wondering about now is Indiegogo’s responsibility. I can see how they can’t validate every campaign, but isn’t there a point where they must check out what seems to be an impossible claim like this and try to get as much money back for backers as possible?
    Note that the Triton campaign has apparently already refunded and restarted once, as mentioned here with much more info on what also seems to be a long running scam:

  7. Ph says:

    This demonstrates how easy it is to fake the Triton videos!

  8. The chicken is cute. Be sure to watch the behind the scenes part at the end.
    Established that the gills part is a hoax. Note that in the ad copied above they call it a “rebreather”. That part is legit. Not that Triton really is a rebreather, but that rebreathers do exist and have for a long time. The idea being that you breathe in what you have already breathed out, after a bit of scrubbing. Google shows them from $600 to $8000, maybe more. I’ll stick with a snorkel.
    Wikipedia has a good article with lots of details, including why you would not want a rebreather.

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