What’s On Board: Anne Quemere’s Rowboat

How many marine electronics and communications equipments would you need on a rowboat…? Well, a lot if you would have to row for 3,000 miles non-stop.
“In addition to her GPS, she will have an array of safety and communication equipment onboard, including an Argos Beacon – which will report her position by satellite and, in an emergency, emit a distress signal – a desalinator to change sea water into fresh water, and an Iridium satellite phone. Several marine lights have also been installed to announce her position to approaching vessels.”
And here’s a funny quote on the usage of VHF radio:
“Quemere’s only contact during her 2003 voyage was with an Italian supertanker that drew a little too-close-for-comfort. According to Quemere, she quickly grabbed her VHF radio and excitedly reported her position, telling one confused Italian crewman that she was in a small rowboat.”
“Do you need to be rescued,” he asked.
“No, I’m rowing across the ocean,” she replied.
“You’re doing what?” he asked in disbelief.

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