Wi-Fi For Port Of Amsterdam

Since I am using the Amsterdam waterways quite often this is especially relevant (pdf) to me…. Not sure about the exact coverage area, but would be nice if Amsterdam was to become a giant ‘hotzone’.
“To access the system, ships need to have computers with a standard wi-fi data access card. The system is provided by Radionet, a supplier of wi-fi “hot zone” technology, and Baas WDS (wireless data systems), a system integrator. It was installed in June 2004. The network is owned and operated by Amsterdam Port Authority. The system uses the 2.4 GHz WLAN spectrum and 802.11 wi-fi protocol. The wi-fi access points, located around the port, also communicate with the data backbone system by radio, at up to 10 Mbps; the
backbone itself can carry 34 Mbps.”

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