Wireless Underwater Viewing System

In response to the post about Reefmaster’s Digital Dive Camera and my suggestion to ‘Wi-Fi-enable’ it, Joel Johnson made a comment:
“I don’t know how well WiFi would transmit through the water — there might be a better frequency than 2.4Ghz — but, man, that’s a great idea! Or maybe even a wireless videocamera that could broadcast back to the boat and display on a monitor.”
So I tried to find out if ‘something’ like that actually exists, and it appears that it does. Altough not really perfect, it’s a start. The Fishing-CAM. It even allows you to view underwater images on your mobile phone…
“The Fishing-CAM is highly water resistant and pressure resistant as Fishing-CAM camera (a product equipped with LED or infrared ray device to regular CCD/CMOS camera) goes through molding process during manufacture. The encased Fishing-CAM camera is attached to the sinker part of fishing rod. With Fishing-CAM camera, you do not need to dive underwater to see the scenes below! Has a frequency range of around 2.4Hz and transmits up to 500 meters.”

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2 Responses

  1. ted says:

    Technology available for licensing: Wireless underwater video camera.
    Range – 80Ft, prototype was tested in Lake Ontario. Clear life video was transmitted wirelessly to the boat from the camera which has been submerged 80Ft down into the water.
    Application – sport fishing, downrigger wireless camera, can be attached to any downrigger line.
    If your company is interested in licensing, please contact Ted Korczak.
    email – korted@rogers.com
    tel. 416 – 614 8049

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