But, wait, the CPV can display AIS targets

Standard CPV AIS

Whereas some of you greedy tech heads saw the world’s first VHF/chart plotter and wanted it to be an AIS transponder too, Standard Horizon wants you to know that the CPV350 can at least display AIS targets when hooked up to a receiver, as illustrated by the menus above. In fact, Standard says they have the technology to include an AIS receiver inside the CPV, but wanted to keep the cost down. Last week I also noted how Raymarine demoed its new AIS abilities in Miami, which I think will really help to make boaters aware of the technology. I didn’t get a good picture, but here’s a screen shot (bigger here ).

Raymarine AIS Miami

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Ben Ellison

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  1. Ron Rogers says:

    The Raymarine display is showing vectors. Do all the current offerings have that feature?

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