Garmin adds high-resolution relief shading to its premium BlueChart g3 Vision and LakeVü g3 Ultra cartography

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  1. Ben Ellison Ben Ellison says:

    The new G3 relief maps look gorgeous in the images, but there is one aspect of the transition from G2 to G3 that may upset some Garmin chart users in the Bahamas. On all G3 charts either purchased or embedded in new MFDs, Navionics data for the Bahamas will purportedly replace Explorer Chart data:

    I’ve always been a bit skeptical about what some cruisers say are major quality differences between Navionics and Explorer in the Bahamas, but it is an unusual place because there is no official hydrographic office updating charts.

    At any rate, I may write about this change and I’m looking for places where I might see significant differences between the Explorer and Navionics Bahamas charts I have on various apps and plotters. Please email editor at

    • Ben Stein Ben Stein says:

      I asked Ken Cirillo about replacing Explorer Charts with Navionics. He said Garmin made the decision because they believe Navionics data for the Bahamas is as good or better than what they’re getting from Explorer Charts. Additionally, Navionics has very well developed systems for making corrections and invests heavily in keeping their charts current.

      I also had the chance to see an 8600 MFD with G3 running with raster charts displayed. The charts looked great and it’s very nice to see Garmin supporting Raster charts. Ken did give Ben E. some credit for championing the support of raster charts.

      Ben S.

  2. Bob Easterday says:

    It would be nice if Garmin would stop announcing these products and actually released them. Just checked Active Captain, and they are not yet available. Garmin website says “available Feb 2019”. The trend seems to be getting worse among the various manufacturers. Guess I’m still smarting from the Standard Horizon GX6500 debacle.

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