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Correspondant Dan is psyched about the growing possibilites of Mac navigation for his 40’ sailboat. The starting point is GPSNavX, which offers a hell of a lot for $50, was extravagantly reviewed by Chuck Husick here, and will soon—according to Dan—support free NOAA ENC vector charts. Possible hardware includes a “Mac Mini, a normal 12-15″ monitor for below decks, a sunlight monitor (like certain Big Bay screens sold by Tom MacNeil Electronics) for the helm w/mouse and buttons to control the software on the mini, BSB charts form Maptech, and a Nasa AIS Engine.” He also mentions a Mac compatible USB GPS whose links seem dead, but there are other choices; I like the looks of the USGlobalSat MR-350 cabin top model that can be bought with GPSNavX. Dan closes his description with that favorite Mac brag, “And, best of all: no viruses…” Us PC people are a little jealous about that, and about the Mini, which almost seems designed for a boat.


Seems-to-be-a-trend department: another correspondant, a true Uber Geek, wrote last night describing the elaborate system he’s putting together for a custom 50’+ power cruiser. “The helm support computers will be Mac Minis and the planning software will be GPSNavX, an insane value at $50!!

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