Merry Christmas, and a heavy weather how-to

Hope_for_the_best_painting_cPanbo lr

I think of this painting—one of an ancient series hanging in the Venice, Italy, Maritime Museum (and bigger here)—as a how-to for sailors caught out in a storm: Put out all your anchors, jettison heavy objects (like cannons), pray to your personal savior, and hope for the best!  Here in Maine we’re trying not to get upset about the freakish fact that the ground hasn’t frozen yet (and I’m thankful that we live some 180’ above sea level). But I trust that whatever happens is all in God’s plan, and I wish you all a very fine Christmas, or Chrismakka as we call it in our home, or however you honor this grand turning of the seasons.

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Ben Ellison

Ben Ellison

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  1. Walter says:

    And unlike the Venetians, remember to bend on the rodes before setting your anchors.

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