North Cove, pretty wild for a country boy


That tall white sport fishing boat, a Luhrs 41, is how I went missing the last few days. My daughter and I took it from lower Manhattan (above) up the Hudson River to Newburgh, N.Y. WiFi, even Internet cafes, were sadly missing, but we had us a fine time exploring our revolutionary era roots. I’m not all that familiar with driving big hp, big prop twin diesels but must say the possibilities are amazing once you get a feel for what just a wee moment in gear can do. Of course it didn’t help to start with an audience of thousands in North Cove. Not to mention the heavy security in these parts, like those heavily armed CG boats above (this is a block from Ground Zero). Plus that’s Ellen MacArthur’s B&Q trimaran moored next to the Luhrs (bigger picture here). She wasn’t around but her program guy Oli was. I tried to talk my way aboard to see the electronics setup but the timing didn’t work out. Oh well, I did get the Luhrs in and out without embarrassment.

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Ben Ellison

Ben Ellison

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