Northstar 69, electronics easter egg


I knew about “Easter Eggs”—little jokes or animations hidden behind odd key combinations in PC software, particularly games—but I just learned last week about pushing star69 on a Northstar. Apparently back in the Loran days, the key combo would display the message, “Help we’re prisoners in a Loran factory.” On the 6000i above, you get a full screen photo of the Northstar staff with a similar message taped to the factory windows. Are there other marine electronics out there with a sense of humor? By the way, the boat has four 6000i displays at one large helm, and you’ll hear more about the set up eventually.

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Ben Ellison

Ben Ellison

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  1. Engineer says:

    It’s the soul of the machine.
    On the Northstar 800 it’s “Help I am a Prison in a Loran Factory”.
    Go find a Northstar 961/962.
    Mystery Engineer

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