Personalized Alarm

An alarm system that can be hooked up to your outdoor soundsystem might provide a very good solution when problems arise, be it thieves or water.
“Billed as �The only marine alarm system that won�t be ignored,� the VoiceAlarm not only sounds a siren or air horn if a problem is sensed, but it also broadcasts a message in your own (recorded) voice. And it�s loud. With a 240-watt onboard speaker system, your voice can be heard from up to a mile away! Here�s a sample message from the VoiceAlarm Web site: �Warning! Warning! The vessel Laid Back at mooring buoy number 23 in the Salinas Yacht Club Harbor has experienced a high water alarm. Please contact the dockmaster at the Salinas Yacht Club at 727-555-1234 and John Smith at 727-555-1234, immediately!�

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