Raymarine i70, new king of all-in-ones?

Ben Ellison

Ben Ellison

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  1. Craig says:

    How well does the current generation of screen technology work when you are wearing polarized sunglasses? My older C80 is impossible to read at an angle wearing sunglasses. I wouldn’t want to have that happen to my gauges as well. I have a sailboat. Looking at gauges from extreme angles is common on windy days.

  2. Ben Ellison Ben Ellison says:

    Raymarine claims that a new coating on the e7 screen “virtually eliminates the “black out” effect caused when viewing marine displays with polarized sunglasses,” but doesn’t say anything about this regarding the i70 (that I’ve seen). However, I always thought that the C Series screens were pretty dim, and that brightness is big factor in how well these things work with sunglasses of any sort.

  3. Richard C says:

    Does the i70 have a automatic dimming sensor for reducing the brightness at night?
    Garmin’s GMI-10 does not have this and when the sun goes down the screen has to be manually dimmed by going into the menu and selecting the brightness control. This usually happens at about dusk when a gigantic freighter is crossing in a busy commercial channel. The sunlight readable brightness level is great during the daytime but blinding at night. I would pay more for the ambient light sensor feature – it’s that important.

  4. Adam says:

    I agree that a light sensor would be nice on the GMI10, but we have four GMI10s at our helm and have gotten pretty good at using the “night mode shortcut” to dim them. Because the screens are linked, we can change brightness on all of them in less than a second.
    Press the sequence “power-middle-right-middle-back” to switch from day to night mode and vice versa. The modes remember the brightness you set them at (say 100% for day and 10% for night). If you need more modulation than just light/dark, though, you’re in for a lot more button presses.

  5. DonD says:

    Can I hook the I70 to my C80, using the same inputs that are currently driving my ST60 instruments?

  6. Don, the i70 can be connected to the ST60 SeaTalk buss and it will display the data it hears there, but it won’t translate the data over to the SeaTalkNG port. If you have the C80 connected to the ST60 via Seatalk, then yes, it will work.
    You may want to go over to the RayMarine web site and download the i70 manuals so you can see what it will do.

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