Sailboat surfing under the Golden Gate

SailboatSurfinYes, those two guys in a Santana 22 were damned surprised to find themselves surfing a big wave under San Francisco’s Golden Gate bridge, and no doubt the real surfer in the water was surprised to see them. What happened next is unforgettable, as are the series of photos (this included) taken by Wayne Lambright and generously served on his site (specific picture link here).  Sail’s Kimball Livingston has also done a terrific writeup of the incident, including after words from the two crew, who were shaken up but not seriously injured.

Apparently Lambright’s site has almost been overpowered by umpteen Web surfers wanting to see his photos since the April 2 incident, so please be patient and also support his real work if possible. And, yes, this entry is off topic, but interesting, right?

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Ben Ellison

Ben Ellison

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