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It was bittersweet driving Charlie down to Spruce Head Marine to launch his Golden Hind Sophie. It was yet another gray day in this record breaking spring, and, besides, Charlie now lives out of state and had to jump in his car as soon as got Sophie onto her mooring in Rockland. But I did get a chance to see all the work that he’s put into the boat. The electronics — a slick Tacktick Sailmaster depth/wind system and an old Magellan 2000 XL GPS, both on a swing out arm — may be somewhat minimal, but the boat is otherwise ready go gunkholing or ocean voyaging. She is amazingly roomy for 31 feet, in a Brit sort of way, and Charlie put a nice new, and extra tall, rig in her. Sophie is for sale and will be a happy deal for someone, I think.

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Ben Ellison

Ben Ellison

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  1. Chuck Pugh says:

    wanting to find out what Reid Stowe’s call sign is on his schooner Anne. thanks for your reply.


    He doesn’t usually monitor the radio and appears to be a very sound sleeper. Suggest you call Harold Channing in NY to forward a message.

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