Tested: Nobeltec’s eChart Planner

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  1. anon says:

    I did enjoy using nobletec onboard until the latest program version update then we discoved an error…
    A local computer technicion worked with us to find the error…it would freeze after too many routes were saved on the screen, (more or less) many tec fees later and the error was found to be with the software. Nobeltec did not reimburse us the technicion fees but did give us charts in compensation for the hours of tech work we paid for to find the error with their software.
    We were happy with this and they made a patch which solved the error in the next update.
    Now there is a new problem wiht 5% of uploads of charts not working (All charts won’t load 5%of the time) and they don’t have a fix for it (yet).
    So while nobeltec have looked after us , it has been a frustrating experience using this system.
    I would prefer a simple chart plotter anyday, but I don’t own the boat, I work on it.

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