TracMe revisited, today’s the day

Doug Ritter testing TracMe

The good Doug Ritter (above) knows how to have a little boyish fun on April One, including some well deserved shots at the ineffectual FCC and the not-at-all funny TracMe “PLB” folks (who have at least taken “boating” off their applications list):


The FCC has denied approval of the “Oceans-12 Personal Locator Beacon.”  The manufacturer, Kung Pao Chicken Toy Factory of Tianjin, China, said they were surprised and disappointed by the decision.  “We believe had best seller here,” said company spokesman, Chin A. Qrap.

The FCC spokesperson, Donmess Withus, pointed out that their so-called Personal Locator Beacon was little more than an unsold George Clooney action figure, repackaged with a small radio transmitter in the body, an antenna sticking out his of his head, and spray painted day-glo orange. Withus also noted the unusual location the activation switch, which he claims will lead to many false alerts. “We can’t send out Search and Rescue every time someone thinks it’s funny to touch George, um…. there.”

The manufacturer said they will appeal, claiming this decision is simply an overreaction to the recent problems with Chinese products and discriminatory. They point to the TracMe homing device and note that it is still being offered for sale as a PLB, despite FCC action, and claim
their device would be just as effective.

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